The Academic Career Center of the University of Opole, together with AfinaBodyShape, organized a weekly free training session held on Saturdays.

Online free workouts with Afina, who has been practicing for more than 10 years, will be conducted each Saturday on ZOOM at 12.00 for women. Trainings will be in English. Here you have some information about the trainer:

The main directions are all types of cardio and aerobics loads (for example, step-aerobics, insanity workouts etc.) as she mixes different sport types, the correction and lifting of the body is much faster and more effective than when performing one style of sport. This is why it is called – “Body shape”. What will happen during the classes?


To get the code for these classes, you need to write her a message on Facebook or Instagram. The links are below.



If you want to get more positive energy, Afina will be glad to see all of you in her trainings.




Angelina Frankovskaya

Fot.: AfinaBodyShape